Print Services to Meet Your Needs

sentinel printing book printingWhen you look good on paper, the sky is the limit

The quality of your printed materials affects your organization’s image, success, and potential. Sentinel Printing helps you make a lasting impression. We view the use of ink as an art form. Our attention to detail and focus on each customer’s needs—including innovative solutions to communications challenges—creates great impact. Often, our ideas and service provide results above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Sentinel Printing provides complete printing solutions—on time, within budget, and with notable quality. Our focus on customer service will provide options to get you what you need, when you need it.


Craftsmanship lives

Sentinel Printing’s roots are extensive. Since 1854, we have provided timely above and beyond service to our customers nationwide. We have printed thousands of editions of telephone directories, soft cover books, and periodicals. Our seasoned staff has an in depth understanding of solid printing processes while incorporating innovative approaches throughout production. Our combination of legendary craftsmanship and new technology produces consistently high-quality, affordable print materials for our customers.

Our values

At Sentinel Printing, “above and beyond” is about how we live—and how we service our customers.
Our values:

  • Integrity and Ethics: We treat each other and our customers fairly and honestly.
  • Performance: We demand high standards from ourselves, colleagues, and our customers.
  • Innovation: We create value by thinking above and beyond.
  • Collaboration: The attitude we embrace in our quest for solutions.

Our team

Sentinel Printing is a nationally recognized printer located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Our highly trained and dedicated staff produces high-quality books, catalogs, manuals, directories and much more. We are dedicated to our clients and are here to work with you to ensure your project is a success.

sentinel printing directory printingImpressions that last

For high quality printed materials to enhance your organization’s image, success, and potential, turn to Sentinel Printing. Our combination of equipment and expertise will create a lasting impact through the art of print.

Expanding Horizons

October 2015, Sentinel Printing was acquired by Bang Printing, whose corporate office is just north, in Brainerd, MN.   Sentinel Printing is proud to be a part of the Bang Printing family.  As part of the acquisition, Sentinel Printing will be adding additional printing services in the coming months.