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The Benefits of Printed Books

Posted by Luke Riordan on Mon, Feb 11, 2013 @ 03:26 PM

With the advancement of technology today comes the wiping away of printed books. E-readers such as Kindles, Nooks, iPads, laptops, and even tiny cellphone screens are becoming more and more popular for reading. Yes, e-readers are lighter weight, and can store multiple books, but we must not let ourselves forget the benefits of a printed book!

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Research shows that children’s recall levels are significantly higher with printed books, as opposed to e-readers. Books also enhancs co-reading as it takes two hands to turn or fold a page, where as it only takes one to click a button.

Looking now from an environmental viewpoint, it actually is greener to read printed books. According to TerraPass, a carbon offset business, it takes more energy to manufacture and then dispose of an e-reader, than a printed book.

One final benefit is that printed books are actually better for doing research and taking notes. Printed books help long-term memory recall. Scientists, who experimented with students reading digital versus printed text, found that those who read digital text had to read and reread the material multiple times before understanding the material as well as the students who read the print text. With the click of a button e-readers make it easy to get distracted and put your reading material down. The constant scrolling, and the inability to physically highlight the text does nothing to benefit your long-term memory.

While both e-readers and print books have their pros and cons, our crew here at Sentinel Printing will always love the feeling of having a physical book in hand! 

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