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Case Study: Custom Print Management Program

Posted by Mary Jo Sandretsky on Mon, May 20, 2013 @ 11:55 AM


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Sentinel Printing creates custom print management system for a national freezer manufacturer


A national manufacturer of freezers needed to find a new vendor due to a 5-year contract with the current printer not being renewed. Their corporate headquarters directed them to check out local vendors, as well as printers used by other company plants in the US. The situation was urgent as it was November and the client needed materials on the production line by January 1st with a new vendor.


The client contacted Sentinel Printing and our sales person met with them to assess the project depth and materials for product fit. Initially we were being asked to bid the printing only, not the fulfillment of assembled kits as their last printer had done. They were going to manage assembly in-house. However in communicating with the client, it became evident that warehousing and the space required to assemble the kits were going to cause issues in the clients plant floor availability and workflow, as well as inventory control measures.


Sentinel Printing was requested to investigate the costs to offer not only printing but warehousing, inventory control, kit assembly, and daily delivery options for 5500-9000 kits daily (The average kit has 7 parts in it).  Sentinel was able to outline an internal process, just in time delivery system, and provide pricing to the client by early-December.

The proposal required investigating pricing concepts to include material costs and production schedules, labor and storage costs, additional staff and building space required, inventory management systems, flawless just in time delivery to the production line, quality control systems, and invoicing. Through team work and previous experience, a pricing matrix and management plan was devised and presented to the client.

Though the client was accepting other offers, the diligence and relationship value of working with Sentinel, as well as our proximity and ability to deliver on our promises quickly, made us the perfect partner. Through fast-paced negotiation, we agreed to work together and quickly rolled into production.


In spite of the holiday season and much to the client’s relief, Sentinel Printing was able to set up internal and external inventory control systems as well as print all materials in time for a January 1st launch. This system has saved the national manufacturer cost in warehouse space, production space, personnel and inventory cost, and control and cash flow costs, not to mention avoiding a costly halt in production.

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