Soft Cover

Softcover books are a specialty of ours at Sentinel Printing. In addition to our fleet of web and sheet fed presses, we offer complete in-house perfect and saddle binding capabilities to take your books from computer file to bookshelf. With film laminating, trimming, soft cover book printing publishingfolding and related finishing capabilities, we can help you create a book that meets your specific needs.


At Sentinel Printing, the primary goal of our sales and customer service teams is to move your projects through the pressroom without disruption. Our commitment to this goal begins by eliminating problems and delays during the prepress process, where we begin by analyzing each project in detail. If there are any discrepancies between the specifications and the data, you will be notified immediately. We believe on-going communication between Sentinel Printing and our customers is crucial to producing quality printed books.


Sentinel Printing’s sheet fed and web presses have print control, memory storage, and flexibility for sheet sizes, colors, finishes, and other details to make your print projects come to life. With web, sheet fed, and digital printing capabilities, sentinel printing our pressroom has the versatility to print a wide range of books in short, medium and long run lengths from one to five colors. We can also add different finishes to add eye-catching value to your products - from the creative use of spot varnish to a unique trim size.


Whatever your book printing project is designed to do, the extensive bindery services at Sentinel Printing provide a variety of options to complete it with style. Our bindery services include:

Saddle binding - This style involves driving wire stitches (essentially staples) through the spine of folded signatures. Saddle binding is ideal for thin book and brochure projects, which can include "self-covers" or a separate four-page cover. Foldout covers and mixed stocks are possible with saddle binding.

Plastic coil binding - In this style, plastic wire is wound through holes punched in the spine of trimmed sheets and crimped at either end. The main advantage to plastic coil binding is its ability to allow books to lay flat or be folded 360 degrees for single-hand use. Index tabs, multiple stocks and cover varieties can all be included in plastic coil-bound books.

Perfect binding - In this common bookbinding method, glue is applied to the roughened spines of signatures and a separate cover is attached.

Laminating – Laminating protects your book covers from damage with a film plastic coating while adding an attractive shine or matte finish.

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