Communication is Key for Accurate Estimates and Schedules


At Sentinel Printing, we know your time is valuable. That's why we collect as much information as possible in the estimating stage. We know it helps avoid time-consuming headaches later!

"Yes, I have plenty of extra time in my schedule to handle that!" If you're like most publishing professionals, that's probably the last phrase you could imagine coming out of your mouth. At Sentinel Printing, we understand you're often restricted by a busy schedule. That's why we stress the importance of communicating all the details of your project when you contact us. This will help ensure we provide you with both an accurate estimate and a realistic, aggressive schedule.

Don't Forget the Basics
It sounds simple, but including your project "basics" will eliminate a great deal of confusion and back-and-forth communication. Include not only your exact requirements, but your level of flexibility as well. For example, if final trim sizes and measurements can be adjusted slightly, let us know. A slightly different trim size can allow Sentinel to use paper stock sizes and machine capabilities more efficiently, which can save both time and cost.

Similarly, when planning to submit files to Sentinel, let us know when to expect them and how the files will be submitted - in what format and by what means. Remember, our online FTP upload service makes it easy to send your files in a flash!

Plan from Finish to Start
Knowing all the details of your project not only allows us to provide you an accurate estimate, but they help us "block out" appropriate equipment time and provide the most aggressive schedule possible. How much time you need to proof, due dates and shipping requirements play important roles in the planning and scheduling of your project. Not only will we be able to offer time and money-saving tips, but we can plan for efficient production. Letting us know packaging requirements such as shrink wrapping tells us what processes will be necessary as well as what materials will need to be on hand.

Remember to consider the following questions when communicating your shipping requirements: Will you pick it up or will we ship it? Will it be delivered to a dock or residential address? Split into multiple shipments? The key to efficient planning is always to communicate as many details of your project to us as possible.

Sentinel Printing Advantage
It is our mission at Sentinel Printing to make the book production process as worry-free as possible for our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable estimating and customer service professionals ensure your project meets your quality, budgetary and delivery needs.