Print Products

Soft Cover Books

Soft cover books are a specialty of ours at Sentinel Printing. In addition to our fleet of web and sheet fed presses, we offer complete in-house perfect and mechanical binding capabilities to take your books from computer file to bookshelf. We focus on 1 and 2 color print runs with film laminating, cutting, folding and related finishing capabilities. We can help you create a book that meets your specific needs.

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Coil Bound Books

Coil bound books convey the idea of usefulness.  From their lay flat ability, to being able to fold over itself, coil bound books are used for many purposes.  Sentinel is able to produce a variety of sizes of books that fit a wide selection of coil colors and also coil types – plastic and metal.  Coils are most often found in cookbooks, school agendas, and day planners, to name a few.  If your printed piece

is designed for flexible use, consider the utilization of plastic or metal coils.


More than any other bookbinding product, manuals are designed to be functional. Particularly when produced for industrial environments, manuals require maximum durability of both cover and binding elements. Consult Sentinel to create a manual that fits your exact needs.


Catalogs are a crucial sales tool that presents your best work to your target customers. At Sentinel, we take your catalogs from concept to completion with our complete printing, binding, and mailing services.


Whether it's used to promote the latest automobile model or guide a visitor through a museum, a booklet is meant to convey information. Generally saddle stitched or folded, booklets can be produced in a wide range of stocks and sizes and can include pocket folders and other specialty cutting.


At Sentinel, we specialize in custom directory production. Much more than lists of information, directories serve as the gateway to a small universe. Our ability to produce directories of virtually any size or length gives you the flexibility to arrange your information in whatever manner best fits your organization. Contact the directory experts at Sentinel to discover what directory options suit your needs.


When you need small count, full color magazines, Sentinel Printing delivers. Magazines need to impress the reader and our high-quality print services make them stand out. Whether it is a consumer magazine or an industry newsletter or magazine, Sentinel Printing can offer competitive pricing and excellent service.

Brand Marketing Collateral

Your marketing material needs to deliver an impressive and distinctive look while providing information that will appeal to your target audience. Sentinel Printing can provide a variety of collateral materials from sales flyers and brochures, to product tags.